Day 3

This morning when I got around I had my typical voracious breakfast appetite. Then I put the new daily Thrive patch on and took the pills and waited 30 minutes for the “shake”. Then I did my daily Bible study. After Bible study I drank the shake (half dose):

(I literally feel like Bugs acts here when I drink it)

and had my cold pressed hot coffee.

The half dose “shake” did curb my appetite but I’m not convinced at this point that it curbed it enough. You got to understand: curbing my appetite is a really big deal for me. If I feel like I’m starving I will easily binge and walk away from the diet in disgust.

I may continue to experiment with the half dose but I gotta be careful not to screw around so much I start hating the diet.


Thrive “Shake”

I was a little confused as I started the Thrive program because you buy a month’s worth of product but the “shake” only has fifteen days of use. But the person I got it from explained you are supposed to do one drink a day for four days and three off. I guess the “shake” helps increase metabolism.

I don’t care for the taste of the chocolate “shake” but I treat it like it’s medicine and drink it fast which makes it easier that you only have to have it once a day. It is a little better watered down. Someone told me they only do half a dose a day (of the shake) and can thus take it everyday for a month. I might try that but I don’t want to deviate too much from the recommended plan.

And here is my shameless plug for my Thrive promoters link: