Day 2

Again, one thing that is quite significant and happened right away with Thrive is the curbing of my appetite. I don’t have the voracious appetite I usually have when eating like a vegetarian or on other diets that lack hunger satisfaction and actual nutrition. Still not noticing much of an increase of energy yet other than what is typical for me.

My weight hovers around 270 pounds. I have done many different things to reduce it (exercising and diets). Only to get discouraged after a month when I lose very little to nothing. From what I understand Thrive ( recommends doing their program for six weeks to start getting results. Therefore I am not going to bother checking it until 04.04.2017. 
I don’t believe I have to be the weight that modern medicine thinks I have to be. Our vain culture always goes too far in it’s idolatries (even with educated professionals who are afraid to die) I would be happy around 200 or at most 220 and think a loss of 50-70 pounds is enough to ward off “fat man diabetes”.