Bigger Hope

Life is A LOT more than physical and what we can see so I want to occasionally share where my lasting hope comes from. The following link is one of my favorite teachers:


“Thriving” Skeptic

I have some genetic health complications and recently my doctor became concerned that because of my weight as it might be adding to my problem diabetes.

I hate diabetes! I’ve seen the effects of it. Don’t get me wrong I am a born again Christian only trusting in the work Jesus did for me! So for me: to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21 KJB)! But it is better for others if I remain here for a while longer (Philippians 1:23-24 KJB). I am not afraid to die like most in my culture because I KNOW where I’m going when I die. If you’re not sure check out

So I am going to try a new thing which I have heard a lot of good about. But I am VERY skeptical of fad diets. What makes it even more suspicious is it is some sort of multi-level marketing situation. But on the other hand I also understand it is a fortune 500 company. You don’t make it to F500 unless people are buying your product. Besides diet products that don’t work fade away and don’t make it to F500. At least that’s my theory.

Here is the info:

So although I am signed up as a promoter with them I am also going to be a skeptical user of the product and will be sharing that here. I am not going to be a mindless sales clone but will try to be honest to the best of my understanding. 

Also to be brutally honest if you sign up under me (with the provided link) I will get my product free (or cheaper?) and might even get paid. But personally if I were you and didn’t need to do it urgently I would just wait and see what my opinion is of the product through these posts first.