Day 4 Plan

When I got around this morning I didn’t feel hungry. But being I am supposed to be doing my drink four times a week and three off I think I will adjust it to the first day of the week (Sunday-Wednesday) when I drink it and Thursday-Saturday when I don’t. Therefore it’s bacon and eggs today! I am very thankful that Jesus made all foods clean and that I can be thankful for delicious meats!

I would rather become a carnivore for the rest of my life than a vegetarian. NEVER GO VEGAN for for me (besides I don’t worship animals) and have read the testimonies of great bloody violence from vegetarians towards Christians in other parts of the world. So don’t believe the demonic lie that eating meat makes one violent. Sin is sin and what one eats doesn’t make him unclean.

I will eat meat and be thankful for it! Thank you Jesus! He ate Levitically clean meat (fish, lamb, etc). And He made all meat clean for Christians! I will follow Him in His freedom not some bondage from strangers who worship animals from the east!


Day 3

This morning when I got around I had my typical voracious breakfast appetite. Then I put the new daily Thrive patch on and took the pills and waited 30 minutes for the “shake”. Then I did my daily Bible study. After Bible study I drank the shake (half dose):

(I literally feel like Bugs acts here when I drink it)

and had my cold pressed hot coffee.

The half dose “shake” did curb my appetite but I’m not convinced at this point that it curbed it enough. You got to understand: curbing my appetite is a really big deal for me. If I feel like I’m starving I will easily binge and walk away from the diet in disgust.

I may continue to experiment with the half dose but I gotta be careful not to screw around so much I start hating the diet.