Diets and Gaming

For some reason this post never published?

Nothing new to report on my Thrive experience at this point. I will keep updating as time goes on.
I did start playing the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. As always I hate all the eastern paganism but so far the gameplay is done well. I like open world games like Fallout and have been a fan of Zelda since the NES came out with the original gold cartridge with a battery in it.

Anyway a few notible things is the sheer beauty of the land reminds me of how during the millennial reign of Jesus on the earth is going to be more glorious than we can even imagine or invent! I like the hunting and cooking. I like that meat is on the menu not a bunch of pansy foods like so many lame games trying to force their lifestyles on their customers. I also like that while breaking a horse it still has it’s own instincts and “mind”. 

Anyway I expect there to be some more garbage as the game progresses with someone trying to shove something down everyone’s throats but so far the game is descent. At this point I am a little concerned the game may be progressing too quickly for the $60 I paid for it but I may be wrong.

Who knows Nintendo might even get 5 stars from me on this.


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